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About the Creators

Why create a clothing line for dreamers & outcasts?

Because for Brandon & Latoya Kagel, the founder of Pray Hard Co., this is their reality. On Jan 29th, 1981 Brandon was born alongside his two sisters. As a triplet, you can say the struggle was real, even from birth. From drug addiction to hopelessness it had seemed that suicide was the only way out.

However, at age 18, Brandon would have an encounter that would bring new life. “I just picked up the bible that my girlfriend’s mom bought me, smoked a joint and began to read. That changed everything.” , said Brandon.


He would later marry his teen crush, Latoya, and become known as "The Rep", a rap artist garnering over millions of views on YouTube and Spotify streams.


“The irony is even in the rap game, I could never really find my place. My videos didn’t even go viral until after I quit rapping. I swear, I just never fit in.” he says.

This is why Brandon & Latoya created Pray Hard Co. They wanted to make a brand for people who don’t fit the mold. The clothing is unique and creative. The colors, the artwork, the message says “Ya, I’m an outcast, a creator, a dreamer….and I embrace that!”


From dope, high quality apparel to dapper thrift clothing, the aim of Pray Hard Co. is to empower and embolden its wearers. Every time someone puts on a piece of our clothing we want them and those around them to remember...

“God Hath Chosen The Foolish”.

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